zhongmaiCorporate Vision
Committed to building the first brand in the Chinese industry, Zhongmai, going out of China, moving towards the world, and becoming a global cable industry leader
Enterprise Mission
Achieve employees, achieve customers, and enable people around the world to use cable products with peace of mind and safety

Company Cultural Values
Development goal: Enable global people to use cable products with peace of mind and safety
Core Values
Good employee life, good product quality, and good customer reputation

Company Training
Safety first, technology first, quality first

Company Spirit
Diligence, frugality, benevolence, refinement, innovation, and keeping up with the times

Five Positions
People who love their motherland and never associate with anyone who harms national interests
People who love the company and never associate with anyone who harms the company's interests
People who love the group and never associate with others to harm the spirit of the group
People who love customers and never associate with them to harm their interests
People who love leaders and never associate with others to harm their reputation
Six Concepts
Employing philosophy: Position first, ability second
Sales philosophy: Adhere to sales philosophy, adhere to customer value, succeed naturally, and continue to operate
Service philosophy: Proactive and attentive service
Growth philosophy: Learn and surpass first place
Salary philosophy: There is reward for achievements, and shame for no achievements
Promotion philosophy: Creating achievements and achieving subordinates
Company Management Philosophy
Pay attention to needs; Pioneering and innovating< br /> Focus on details; Scientific norms; Focus on results

Six Kills
Spreading rumors, causing trouble, and killing; Selling Secret Killing& nbsp; Public confrontation killing
Killing in violation of laws and regulations; Malicious customer snatching and killing& nbsp; Corruption and corruption kill
Six tracks
Heaven, revere the country
Respecting customers with respect
Jun, revere the founder of entrepreneurship
Teacher, revere the first place
Respect and reverence for the company principle
Filial piety, reverence, nurturing the power of enterprises

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