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Shandong Zhongmai Cable Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is located in Mengshan Science and Technology Industrial Park, Zaoyuan Town, Lanshan District, Linyi City. It specializes in the production and sales of low-voltage wires and cables. Since its establishment, the company has set the development goal of "striving to build the first brand in the Chinese wire and cable industry", closely focusing on the core values of "good employee life, good product quality, and good customer reputation". Under the correct leadership of company leaders and the joint efforts of all employees, we have now developed into a medium-sized enterprise with an area of 66000 square meters and fixed assets of 150 million yuan.


The company has experienced and enterprising enterprise leaders, as well as a talent research and development team engaged in wire and cable technology for more than 20 years. Over the past 20 years of development, the company has successively obtained industrial product production licenses, passed China's mandatory product certification, and obtained 3C certificates; We have completed the ISO9001:2015 system environmental management system certification, quality management system certification, CE certificate, qualification certificate for national grid bidding, foreign trade filing certificate, and 14 patent certificates, which have greatly improved the company's management level and wire and cable research and development skills.
The company has a relatively advanced level of wire and cable processing and production equipment - mineral insulated cables (fireproof cable equipment), and has leading inspection and testing instruments in the industry, laying a solid foundation for producing "reliable and safe cable products". Our company's main products include over 1000 types of cable products in four major series, including cloth wires, environmentally friendly cables, fireproof cables, and control cables.


All members of the company will always adhere to the development goal of "providing reliable and safe cable products for the whole country", continue to forge ahead and forge ahead. Continuously improve the company's management, constantly improve the company's product quality, constantly meet user needs, respond to the call of national security, environmental protection and fire protection, and specially launch mineral insulated cables. Mineral insulated cables are characterized by fire resistance, high operating temperature, long service life, explosion-proof, small outside diameter, water resistance, high mechanical strength, large current carrying capacity, short circuit fault rating, grounding, corrosion resistance, etc. In addition to good conductivity, mechanical and physical properties, and fire resistance, this type of cable also has good non flammability. In the event of a fire, it not only ensures fire power supply during the duration of the fire, but also does not ignite or produce toxic smoke. The emergence of mineral insulated cables has played a crucial role in the innovation of traditional cables, especially in the application of electrical circuits in special environments and locations.


Shandong Zhongmai Cable Co., Ltd. always adheres to the principles of honesty and quality, and the purpose of sincere cooperation and mutual benefit, striving to become a strong and competitive cable manufacturing enterprise in Shandong Province and the whole country.


Qualification certification

Quality Management System Certification
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China Compulsory Product Certification Certificate
China Compulsory Product Certification Certificate
China Compulsory Product Certification Certificate

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